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Jacob (Alex) Garn

Thanks for submitting!

Step 1:
Get in touch with me!

Fill out the contact form above. Submit it letting me know that you are interested in Red Carpet Detailing, Which services you would like performed on your vehicle. Once I've received your service request form I'll be able to contact you.

Step 2:
Where and when?

Once we are able to hop on a call together, or communicate over email, We will set a day and a time for me to come and inspect the vehicle In-person. I could do the same day as the service or a few days prior. You may also ask me further questions and request additional services when your vehicle is being inspected. I will offer my opinion based on what your expectations are and your what your budget is for the detailing services. If you agree to proceed with the service, you will receive an email containing an invoice for the service you requested. You DO NOT need to pay the invoice immediately. 

Step 3:
Service day

These services can be done in my shop, or at your home as a mobile service; with the exception that the services do not take longer than 5 hours. Before performing any service on the vehicle, we'll walk around the vehicle together and take before and after pictures. This way you'll be able to acknowledge the condition of the vehicle before I perform the service. Now I can begin servicing your vehicle!

Step 4:
Pick-up time

Once your vehicle has been detailed and cleaned to our satisfaction, you will receive a call that the service has been performed as requested and your vehicle is now ready for pick up. At that point I'll have you take a good final look over he car to make sure everything meets your standards. Once your happy with the service, We'll proceed to the payment process. I can take cash, check or card. You will then receive your keys, a business card and a few maintenance instructions for your vehicle.


As much as we like getting paid to detail cars, it makes us a lot happier when they stay clean for a long time!

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