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Car Wash
Exterior Services are those tailored for as you’d imagine; the exterior. These services include basic washes, washing and waxing, paint correction and protection, and ceramic coatings. Basically, if it involves improving the paint's appearance in any way, It’s considered an exterior service.
The prices range and are ranked by how many rows of seats are in the vehicle.For example driver & passenger cars will be less expensive and take less time whereas large suvs with multiple rows of seats will take longer and be more expensive.

Our premium hand wash package offers superior exterior services compared to automatic car washes. We use delicate 1000 GSM microfiber towels and high-suds wash solution to ensure every surface is impeccably clean. Each panel is washed with its own clean towel to prevent scratches from dirt. We do not reuse towels for safety and efficiency. This package includes cleaning and dressing of mirrors, windows, door jams, wheels, tires, and trimming. It’s a show car special for an audience of one - or perhaps many if you drive a lot.

Premium Hand Wash

The procedure is as follows:

  • Pre-wash

  • Clean wheels and tires

  • Hand-wash

  • Apply wheel and trim dressing



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