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Sports Car Interior
Interior detailing services prioritize, as you’d imagine, the interior of the vehicle with respect to detailing. You may request any add-ons you’d like performed in your vehicle. Here are a few preset packages and services for you to choose from.
The prices range and are ranked by how many rows of seats are in the vehicle. For example driver & passenger cars will be less expensive and take less time whereas large suvs with multiple rows of seats will take longer and be more expensive.

A more practical reason to request a detailing service at the hands of a professional is the messes caused by the family pet - though we love them regardless. The Pet Hauler Package can include all the steps and processes of the previous packages, depending on the vehicle's severity and size. This service gives special attention to the subject of pet hair, throw up, urine or feces. The goal of any detail is to get the vehicle back to 100% or as close as possible to it, but there’s never a guarantee of 100% perfect.

Pet Hauler Package

The procedure is as follows:

  • Vacuum vehicle 

  • Pull up pet hair

  • Clean out cup holders 

  • Clean all plastic and leather surfaces

  • Clean cluster display, buttons and dials

  • Clean headliner

  • Steam clean

  • Shampoo and extract

  • Clean windows



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