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Services list

Premium Wash

The quickest, simplest, cheapest EXTERIOR DETAIL I offer. This is for vehicles that have already gone through a paint correction process such as polish and scratch removal, wax or other sealants, and now just require routine maintenance
This service Includes:

- Sealant safe foam wash (Won't strip wax)
- Hand Wash
- Badge cleaning
- Door jams and gas cap housing 
- Wheel and tire clean
- Tire dressing (Comes in Flat, semi-gloss, or glossy at request)
- Black Trim and Plastic protectant
- Quick spray wax
- Spotless windows

Standard Exterior Detail

$90 - $110

Better Than New

The Goal of this service is to make the car look like it was delivered right from the factory. This is no easy task. Depending the vehicles history and age getting a vehicle back to flawless can take more work than the newer models. Paint correction is a long and tedious process. After a while, the painted surface of the vehicle can deteriorate. Micro scratches and swirls and appear and contaminants such as tree sap, tar, fallout, pollen, acid rain, and bird droppings can be embedded into the clear coated paint. This service is designed to reverse those defects and then protect the now perfect paint. This is known as paint correction.

This service would include:

-Pressure Wash
-Alkaline soap foam (removes wax to prep for polish)
-Top to Bottom Hand wash
-Badge detail
-Wheel Cleaning
-Headlight restoration (may not be necessary)
-Iron decontamination (may not be necessary)
-Clay bar decontamination
-Scratch removing polish
-Tire dressing
-Wax and seal
-Plastic Restoration (may not be necessary)
-Plastic Protection

Premium Paint Correction

$290 - $320

Iron-hide Special

The Iron Hide Special is not only the finest detail we offer. It's a service that  include the ultimate surface protection. Paint, plastic, and glass protection from all foreign elements for up to 5 years. We're talking:
-Bumper to Bumper Ceramic Coating
-EXOFORMA Black Trim Restoration
-EXOFORMA Permashine Tire Coating
-Headlight Protective Film

This service procedure would require:

-Pressure wash
-Wheel, Tire and Brake clean
-Top to bottom hand wash
-Badge Detailing
-Door jams and gas cap housing
-Iron decontamination
-Clay bar paint decontamination
-Scratch removing polish
-Headlight polish
-Clear Headlight Film
-Ceramic coating (Paint, headlights and wheels) 
-Tire coating and Trim restore
-Wax and Sealant (included at request)

**The Ceramic Coating must cure in a heated and controlled environment for 24 hours in order to work properly, such as heated garage or spray booth**

Ceramic Coating +

$750 - $790

Full Interior Cleaning

Base Interior detail

$150 - $170

Most Interior detailing services have the same procedure across all vehicle types. The only variable involved then is how much there is to clean and detail. The procedure includes:


-Dirt and oil removal

-Carpet Shampooing

-Upholstery cleaning

-Leather cleaning and conditioning

-Interior glass cleaning

In extreme circumstances*

-Stain removal

-Mold extraction


Hair - O - Up

Pet hair removal

 $50 - $80

Pet hair removal is tedious and must be done before shampooing the carpets and upholstery

Bay Watch

Engine bay detail

$50 - $60

Detailing an engine bay can greatly improve the quality and aesthetic of your vehicle, even if not seen from the outside. This is something usually done on vehicles preparing for show cars where the engines are displayed 

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