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My name is Jacob, I’m the founder of Red Carpet Auto Detailing. I’ve been detailing cars since my Junior year of highschool and have been in the detailing business since 2022. Ever since I was a kid, I’ve had this love and passion for beautiful cars and machines. It has been my dream and passion to fix, build, and improve the machines of human transportation;  cars, trucks, and even airplanes! I’ve won numerous awards for  “Cleanest Car”, I’ve demonstrated competence in the field of collision repair, and am currently striving for my Aerospace Maintenance Technician License. 

Jacob Garn


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Many professional detailers, including myself, have the knowledge and skills to make your cars look and feel brand new, but only a certain handful know how to give their clients a good experience with a detailer. Here at Red Carpet Detailing our mission is to live up to our company name, to make our clients feel like they are the star of the show wherever they go.

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